Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bikes, Van--ACTION!

Friday we drove 800 kms roundtrip to pick up our new Torelli rental bicycles at the builder's shop near Rimini. For reasons still unclear to us they could not be delivered by our deadline of May 1 so we hit the road instead. Arriving around lunchtime, we stopped for authentic, handmade piadine in the land of Marco Pantani. Sure enough, there was a photo of "Il Pirata" on the wall of the bar where we got our caffe before meeting with the bike makers. As you can see the bikes turned out beautifully, built exactly to our specifications!
Thanks to Torelli, Campagnolo, Santini, Rudy Project, Hibros, SMP, Sci-Con for all the help, we hope you can see you logos on the van in the photo. We have the rest of the new bikes to prepare and some other tasks (including another run to Bergamo for our wheel forks) before we load up the van and hit the road again for Rome to start the tours with Campania's Cilento Coast.


  1. Ah, but what did you name the new bikes? Did you reuse the old names, or pick out a new set? We were on Bartoli and Coppi when we rode with you.

  2. New bikes, new names. We still have available the classic steel Torelli's like Coppi and Bartali but the new aluminum/carbon Torelli bikes are named (again for Giro d'Italia champions) Alfonsina (the only woman to ever race the Giro with men!) Binda, Baldini, Camusso, Calzolari, Galetti, Ganna and Pesenti. I rode Baldini today myself, just to try 'em out..someone has to do the work!