Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interbike Expo Part 1

Ciao from Interbike! Here you see yours truly and Torelli's "Chairman Bill" McGann flanking Sig. Valentino Campagnolo, son of the company founder Tullio Campagnolo. Mr. Campagnolo wanders around the show floor with no entourage or "posse" trailing behind--he enjoys looking at bicycles and asking people like "Chairman Bill" what he thinks about the current Campagnolo product line as well as other bike-industry stuff. As the son of the company founder you'd figure he could easily be surrounded by "yes-men" who would not be frank or candid with him about any negative perceptions of Campagnolo so my guess is going to shows like Interbike let him get the straight scoop about his company and products. More details from Interbike next time.

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