Sunday, February 21, 2010

"The Slot"

This road, cut into the tufa rock thousands of years ago never fails to make us wonder about the millions of other humans who have trekked over this path. There are sections even deeper than this one along the road heading west from Viterbo into the flatter lands. We've got a nice loop (for winter anyway) of about 40 kms heading into the foothills of Monte Cimini then down near Vetralla before hanging a right towards Tuscania, then taking a tiny road called "Sterpaio" which runs into this "tagliata" on the way back into Viterbo. This is a two-way road for the most part though the last bit is one-way, making us take another route before we come back inside the walled city and to our tiny apartment along one of the chic shopping streets closed to automobile traffic for a good portion of each day.

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