Saturday, April 17, 2010

The in-laws arrive?

Heather's parents arrive today (that is, if their airplane can get through the cloud of ash being thrown up by the Iceland volcano--MXP was due to close today, but we've heard nothing about FCO) for a week visit. This is our chance to pay them back (slightly) for their hospitality during our yearly Xmas visit. We sponge off them for a couple of weeks, Heather taking over the kitchen (and spoiling their diets!) while she gets some academic work done between cycling our cycling around Santa Barbara. enjoying the sunshine and warm temps. You might have seen on the website we decided to share these rides with you via our self-guided California Riviera tour.
So we'll spend the week being sort of like the parents -- we found them a nice B & B to stay in and we'll join them each evening at dinner while they're free to tour around the area - especially Tuscany as we're only 50 kms south of some of the most beautiful areas there. Heather may get them to join us for a trip down to Rome and who knows what other adventures may ensue? One thing's for sure - if they make it here we have a Sunday Lunch reservation at Il Richiastro complete with our Viterbese family, Rosanna, Emanuele and David. Heck, we'll go even if they don't make it! We've carefully scoped out and reviewed a few other local ristorante/osterie to make sure they enjoy every meal. It should be an interesting week and we'll try to share some of it with you.

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