Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To the Sea!

We made it to the sea after a tough day from Savignone through the Appennines, along some of the chrono route from the 2009 Giro d'Italia. A picnic atop Monte Domenico helped speed our progress to Bonassola though our friend Dee missed a turn and rode an extra 50 kms before realizing his error and returning to the mapped route. Wife Ann fretted about his whereabouts, but we knew he'd be here before dinner --or swallow his pride and call for rescue....he showed up with an hour to spare but we were happy and relieved enough to finally see him we ordered up a bottle of prosecco for a toast! At dinner we enjoyed pansoti (the Ligurian name for ravioli) in a walnut sauce and baked orata (sea bream) with rosemary along with some rare Ligurian white and red wines. Today was a stunning ride along the coast (photos later when we have a faster web connection) of the Cinque Terre under sparkling, sunny skies. Tomorrow we head back up into the mountains for a short ride before lunch and our return to Hotel Ariotto to pack up, enjoy one last feast and a night's rest before we say arrivederci to our guests.
Paradise in Piedmont starts right away!

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