Monday, August 23, 2010


We're in the process of changing from "TRAVEL BLOG" to simply "BLOG" since we'll not be doing much CycleItalia-related travel, at least until an R & D trip in November. Meanwhile we're working on 2011's schedule with some special challenges that have surprised us. Our traditional Paradise in Piedmont tour looks doubtful for 2011, our chosen time period is not matching up well with our hotel partners availability. It may go into a new "On-Demand" category until we come up with a revised itinerary for 2012. Piedmont fans, don't worry! We'll always try to have a tour in this wonderful region!
On another note, Larry recently took to task a journalist over some claims made about a rival tour operator contained in a review of one of their tours. During that discussion the term "disclosure" was mentioned -- as in the ethics of having a review of a tour written by someone who did not pay for his/her tour as most of you would, but instead was fully or partially "comp'd" in exchange for what is hoped to be the publishing of a favorable review. Larry thinks this information should be included in the review.
Is your feeling about a review affected by whether it comes from a paying client or comp'd journalist? Let us know what you think, and whether you want more or less of this kind of stuff on the BLOG.


  1. Sure I'd like to hear more. Is the "discussion" on-line?

  2. Any "discussion" would be via comments. Interesting and relevant ones may be published but we'll read every one and consider your ideas, thanks!