Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's that time of year

It's been a bit rainy here lately. If it's not too cold to ride outside where you live there's still the mess if the roads are...well, messy with rain or snowmelt. We brought a couple of sets of these Crud fenders with us just for these situations. Here you see them mounted on "Bugno" in front of our apartment. The coverage has been greatly improved over the original version. They install with no tools and will snap off if anything major should get stuck in them. We found their suggestion as to whether they'll fit your bike is pretty accurate, one other tip might be where your brake blocks fit on your calipers. On "Bugno" here the blocks are near the bottom of the slots, meaning there's enough room for the thin fender to fit between brake and tire. On Heather's Mondonico-built Torelli 20th Anniversary bike, the brake blocks are way up near the top of the slots and there's simply no way the fender will fit without rubbing the tire. They say if a 4 mm hex key will fit between your brakes and tire, these fenders will fit. If you don't have a "winter" bike already set up with fenders but hate that skunk stripe up your back along with wet feet, these fenders may be just the thing. (Disclaimer: we purchased our sets at retail and received nothing from the makers or distributors - they're just a product we thought you might like to know about)

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