Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hurricane? Almost!

Here you see what was once a glass-topped table on our terrace, along with what were terra cotta roof tiles. A violent storm blew in Friday night, blowing the tiles off the roof (as well as off the roof of other buildings, where they fell onto parked cars!) and onto the table, shattering it into the tiny, black pieces you see in the photo. On Saturday water leaking into the house saturated the electrical breaker-box and knocked out our power. During all this we were mopping up the rain that was blown sideways under our doors and through the now damaged roof. A friend of the landlord was summoned to yank the breakers out of the box and dry them off enough to get our power back. Next, while doing the dinner dishes the entire island's power went out. At that point there was nothing to do but go to bed! We found our way up to bed using a bike headlight as a flashlight. We woke up this morning to do some mopping up and since the power had been restored, enjoyed cappuccino and breakfast before more cleanup work. We're going to Rome for a few days and we hope the landlord can get the mess on our terrace cleaned up while we're gone, as well as repairing the soggy electrical bits. The rain is supposed to stop later today so we'll hope the mopping chores are done for awhile too!

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