Sunday, June 10, 2012

We're on the sea!

Today our guests were up for the entire ride (surprisingly) so off we went around 9 am only to find our first real evidence of the horrendous rains of the past winter in the Cinque Terre. The road was totally washed out just after Vernazza. Nobody seemed to care too much as we retraced the gorgeous route above the sea, getting back in time to clean up and head down to our favorite lunch spot on the beach. Here you can see Amy and Kristine posing and another shot of one of the many toasts we made to celebrate the completion of our tour from vineyards of Monferrato to the sea in Liguria. Thanks to Kevin, Amy, Mike, Kristine and Myron for the company! We're ride inland tomorrow, enjoy lunch and then transfer back to Ariotto where it's a quick transition into Best of Piedmont. It might take awhile to catch up with blogging for that one!

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