Thursday, October 23, 2014

A ride in the park

We're very fortunate to be living close to this park in Rome. Villa Doria Pamphili is just steps away from the American Academy in Rome. Perfect for a walk or a little tour on a mountain bike. Heather saw plenty of folks enjoying the park this way and suggested we bring our ancient MTB's along.

As you can see this park has a mix of single-track, cobblestones and dirt roads. All of it probably could be enjoyed with a 'cross bike, but with the MTB you don't have to pay much attention to what you ride over to avoid flat tires, etc. We can enjoy a nice hour of entertainment and exercise here very easily.

As for the bikes, you can see Larry's above. While we'd not buy anything with this brand's name on it these days after their conduct during the BigTex era, these date to well before that time. Bonded aluminum with 7, count 'em 7 speeds in the back! The suspension forks were added later while the ugly white tires were a screaming deal and work very well on both dirt and pavement despite their odd looks. We'll use 'em for an upcoming ride on the Appia Antica in a few weeks.

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