Saturday, September 19, 2015

Interbike 2015

After missing last year Larry made the trek out to "Lost Wages" for Interbike 2015.

First a big GRAZIE MILLE to my hosts, the nice guys at Albabici (Alessandro and Gianluca, 2nd and 3rd from left) for their hospitality and friendship. They're great guys that we instantly wanted to help from the moment we met them. At the far right is Nicolo Schiavon, grandson of SMP founder Martino Schiavon. The SMP in Selle (saddles) SMP stands for Schiavon Martino Padova. Padova is their hometown, though the factory is now in nearby Casalserugo.

Next Larry tracked down Josh Poertner of SILCA. Another example of passion for cycling and wonderful, high-quality products being more important than mere profits, Josh bought the venerable Italian company to preserve its great name and history and is another in the "great guy you just want to help" category.

Then it was over to say CIAO to Todd Linscott of Torelli (left) and his wizard frame painter Jim Allen (right) at their stand. Todd's threatening to join us in Italy next year, taking a Torelli bike back to the land of its birth for some pedala forte, mangia bene. Andiamo!!! (Let's go!!!)

Larry couldn't pass up this beautiful SOMEC bike and enthusiastic Gary DeVoss of SOMEC-USA. This bike even had tricolor tires!!! Passion like this is what makes the bike industry fun though it seems to get harder to find each year.

The Bianchi l'Eroica has been featured in this blog and elsewhere, but this was Larry's first chance to see one for himself. Every bit as nice as you'd think and the answer to your dreams of participating in a bici di epoca event without having to source and prepare an actual vintage machine. Bellissima!

I don't even remember what booth this gorgeous Cinelli was in, but here's a couple of photos to enjoy anyway.

Anyone, especially in Italy, making bikes with steel tubes (and especially with lugs!) is a hero in Larry's book...

...including the WILIER guys with a very interesting finish treatment on this example.

Next, we're off to Richmond, Virginia for the World Cycling Championships.


  1. There was a beautiful old cromovelato Wilier in the same color at Cino Heroica last weekend. I love that style finish. And yes, the flat crown is a huge plus.