Friday, February 26, 2016

Shopping Bike

Shouldn't everyone have a shopping bike? We think so. Something to zip off to the supermarket on when you need a quart of milk or loaf of bread. Sure, you can walk, but how often do you think about how long that would take and then say "Screw it! I'll take the car!"
When we got down here in January, Larry wanted a shopping bike, especially as we HAVE NO CAR here, so it's walk or call a taxi for the most part. The shopping bike makes things so much easier Larry had to have one. He thought of some cheap thing as shown above, but didn't really like the idea of buying something made in...well....not in Italy and then dumping it in a few months when we head north.

What Larry REALLY wants is  one of THESE  (above) and perhaps once we live down here year-round and he has a safe, indoor place to park it, he'll get one. But for now it's rather impractical. So...

How 'bout this? Not what Larry had-in-mind either but this folding contraption (not that it ever gets folded, instead it gets parked over at the school when not in use) is pretty useful, though certainly comical to look at. The wheels are 24" and the fattish tires roll OK over the cobbled streets here while the huge basket Larry asked to be installed is perfect for hauling the recyclables away or bringing back the purchases from the market.

And best of all, it's a GIRARDENGO

Larry wonders if any other country has spawned more bike brands named after great cycling champions? Perhaps France, but here in Italy there's been Girardengo of course, the first Campionissimo and Coppi, a brand named for the second, plus (just off the top of my head) Ganna, Saronni, Moser, Fondriest, Motta, Pinarello (not such great champion but a racer just the same) Bartali, Guerciotti (pretty good at 'cross) Basso, Bottecchia, Cipollini, Olmo and who knows how many more?

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  1. Larry would have said you're nuts; if told he would ride a bike like that, and more or less like it!