Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SILCA - a "Chorus-level" floor pump?

Regular blog readers have no doubt read Larry's glowing review of Silca's Ultimate floor pump. As soon as Larry got his hands on one, he was emailing Silca owner Josh Poertner begging for another model. He said, "You've now got the equivalent of Campagnolo Super Record when it comes to a floor pump. How about something more like a Chorus-level pump? One with all the great functional features of the top-of-the-line, functional art piece but with a little less in the fancy looks department while keeping the important functional bits but at a lower price?"

One of Campagnolo's strengths in the market was that their stuff always worked well and lasted a long time. Paying more money for the higher-end groupsets got you more exotic materials which resulted in less weight and a lower cost.

Josh replied that they were already working on it. This guy know what he's doing!
Now it's available - click HERE to get yours!

Buon lavoro Josh & Co!!!!


  1. Lovely piece, and a bit more "affordable" than the super deluxe unit they make. My only beef - and it's not much of one - is that the gauge head is at floor level. These days I need to have the thing at the top of the pump so I can see the damn thing!

  2. I thought the same thing with the original, but despite yours truly needing reading glasses for important things like wine labels, it's really not an issue. The gauge is pretty readable even at floor level. We hope to have one of these more-affordable models for our guests to try out next season.