Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Campagnolo Wall Clock

Our recent issue of La Gazzetta dello CycleItalia featured a holiday gift guide. The link we provided to purchase the gorgeous Campagnolo Wall clock  (shown above, but photos don't do it justice) could not be used to get the clock shipped to US Campagnolo tifosi.

We contacted Campagnolo in Vicenza to get the correct link -- click

to get yours or make the dreams come true for the Campagnolo-phile on your holiday gift list.

Grazie Joshua!!!


  1. A must have... Larry, do you have idea of the diameter? The link doesn't say. It's gotta go in the garage, but wall space is limited. Euro 44 seems like a bargain to me!

  2. In old-time English units it's about 16" in diameter. I like this so much I will remove it from our shop wall and take it with me when we move to Italy. Perhaps it'll go in our HQ hotel garage/workshop?