Sunday, March 4, 2018

Schiticchio - pizza done right


I guess one says "Skee-teek-e-oh"? But whatever you call it, the pizza is the real thing!

The tourist season here in Ortigia is just getting going and our favorite place, Tempio di Athena has yet to open. We've had a few pizze already but none as good as the ones Albertino makes at Athena. That is, until now.

This place is just across from the SCIE we pass by every day, but until last night when Heather returned from the student trip ready for something quick and simple we'd never been there. So, off we went. Above you see her in front of what was a basic Margherita - red sauce, white cheese and green basil.

Above you see what Zio Lorenzo ordered, the "Bufalina" with fresh cherry tomatoes, real buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil.

These made our top 10 best pizza list easily! Perhaps as high as number 3?

Wonderful crust, just like the best of Napoli with enough pomodorini and cheese to be tasty but not a gooey, watery mess as is often the case.

Based on the mob of people outside waiting for tables when we left, this place is no secret but we'll be back...but we'll return to Tempio Athena first.

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