Sunday, November 25, 2018

More Living the Dream

Another dream comes true...?

Uncle Larry went to bed last night and had a wonderful dream. He dreamed he woke up Sunday morning and after a leisurely breakfast took a walk around the island with his lovely wife.

It was a sunny, but windy day, a day we'd already planned to skip cycling-wise as the forecast called for rain. But since the sun was out why not take a walk?

The dream continued when he spied a round sign on a wall near the bridge that leads to the tiny island of Ortigia where we live.

"Wow! Look at that!" he exclaimed to Heather. "That is really cool!" She was already way ahead of him (big surprise) saying "Look inside here!"

So we did. The space inside was full of tables and chairs with the walls covered in framed classic cycling photos!

This was the kind of place Zio Lorenzo had once (briefly) dreamed of opening: a cycling-themed bar!

A place filled with cycling memorabilia like this.

And this...

And this.. Larry half-stumbled around inside with his mouth half-open. Could this be a real place? He kept snapping photos as if it was all going to vanish in a few seconds.

By this time some of the waiters and staff were walking past as they prepared for the day's business.  Larry asked if the place was new, as he didn't remember seeing it back in May and sure enough, it had just opened in June.

Heather suggested we have a drink and linger a bit which Zio Lorenzo agreed to instantly! We took a seat under photos of Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali with this as our placemat.

And this for a menu.

Yes, they have one in English so we shared that one, but of course all the dishes sound better in Italian so they have that too.

We ordered some drinks and some snacks at midday. They feature foods and wines from all over Italy - the Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy) refers to an enogastronomic tour as much as a bike race. We couldn't help but point out to Gemma and her nice staff that our slogan after all, is 
Pedala forte, mangia bene!

Larry soon woke up to find that he was NOT dreaming, A place like this really exists, right here in Ortigia

Che fortuna!

Giro d'Italia
Salumeria con Forno e Cucina
Piazza Pancali 7/8
39 0931 1626104

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