Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Giro d'Italia - TORINO

 We go to the circus...again!

First things first, we always say when it's time to see a race live, in-person. That means lunch! We headed off from our base in Monferrato Saturday morning towards Torino for Giro d'Italia Stage 14, around the hills surrounding "the Detroit of Italy"
The eatery Heather scoped out, right on the course as they arrived and very close to the loop they'd do twice, turned out to be sort-of closed. As in the cook had the day off since the owner figured road closures would kill her business for the day. But she relented, saying she just couldn't turn people away on this warm day, so out back we went to enjoy cold-cuts, etc. NOBODY complained, least of all us!
The race arrived before we could even pay the bill, but we soon were over where they'd pass by twice, setting out our "W Magro" banner as usual. This shady spot would soon become popular. An older man on a red DeRosa rolled up and explained he was a friend of Magrini's, asking if he could take a photo to show Magro? "Ma certo!" was our answer to a guy who turned out to be (too late for Zio Lorenzo to get a photo) none other than Cristiano DeRosa! Yep, one of the sons of Ugo himself.
The race came by soon enough, with attacks all over the course. A very exciting stage to say the least, especially as Vincenzo Nibali did well. Once the course was clear we headed down the hill towards nearby Volpiano for Sunday's GIOS Raduno.

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