Sunday, June 21, 2009

What the...?

A photo of a nice jersey by our friends at Santini we saw at our favorite bike store, Atlante Ciclismo, last week. We put this up because we caught the last bits of the Superbike (motorcycles) race from Misano on TV this afternoon. Before that we enjoyed a truly spectacular 80 kms of cycling (bicycle of course!) around the Monferrato hills. A violent t-storm last night knocked all the humidity and heat out of the air, giving us one of the most beautiful days of the year here. We were taking a "day-off" so didn't take a camera so you'll have to trust us as to how beautiful it really was. Tomorrow we're back in the van, working on another new itinerary for the future. No details yet but it will be run out of Hotel Ariotto and end up with a view of the Ligurian Sea if all goes well.

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