Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ciao Italia!

No photos yet, we're busy settling into our small apartment in Viterbo. Thanks to Brent and Lillian for looking after our place while we're gone and to "Il Ducatista" for clearing the many feet of snow so they can get in! We've said arrivederci to the snow and ice for the winter as Heather has a leave from the college (to write a few books) while Larry pretty much does his usual thing: make the cappuccino every morning, do the food shopping, house cleaning and general CycleItalia stuff, then get out on his bike for awhile. It's a sweet deal when one can do it in Italy! For those who don't know, Viterbo is a small city northwest of Rome (covenient for Heather to visit the University Foro Italico when needed) and we're living smack in the middle of the medieval center of the "city of Popes" for the next few months. We should have internet access set up there soon so we can put up some photos to go with details about Life in Viterbo. Today we're up in Monferrato at our HQ picking up our bicycles and other cycling-related stuff. We know the Viterbo area fairly well from the days we produced a tour named "Etruscan Trails" so we're looking forward to cycling - both road and off-road.

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