Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two-wheels in Italy

We're on two wheels or our own two feet from now on. At right you can see the mechanic working on our ancient MTB's which have been stored in the attic at our HQ since the last time we played with them in the Dolomites which is probably 5 years ago. There's nowhere to work outside as our tiny apartment steps empty right into the street so it's in the hallway with a rubber tray underneath to protect the nicely tiled floors. Larry got a ride in yesterday, a small loop from Viterbo to Bagnaia, then on to Soriano and a steep (for January anyway!) climb into the Cimini mountains before a twisty descent back to Viterbo. Today we did some flat riding on the plains to our west. It was a busy day overall, before the bike ride we did the weekly open-air market shopping, then I went over to the local bike shop "Tomi" to pick up my '20's era shopping bike complete with new rear wheel, handgrips and other parts to make it rideable. Look for a photo of this classic soon.

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