Monday, February 15, 2010

Cicli Tomi final post

Here's a montage of photos of some of the frames at the Tomi shops. This yellow one just happens to be the perfect size for Larry. Before we leave Viterbo some negotiations will take place just in case it needs a new home. Interestingly one of these frames was sold and built-up last week so perhaps there is still interest in these beautiful works of art? Someone asked when the Milan show photos were taken -- I don't know exactly but I'd guess the late '70's. I'll try to get a more exact date from Serafino in the future.


  1. Ah yes, the fully lugged and sweated frame... Beautiful art or a lost art?

    My 1988 Serotta Nova (old school, no Al or Ti in this one), replete with mix 1996 Campy 8spd Chorus/Athena grouppo, still rides like the day it was first assembled (by me.)
    Some day people will, again, wake up to the merits of a properly designed steel frame & fork.

  2. Larry had one of those too. It was sold off once Antonio Mondonico got him on the correct sized frame as the Serotta was much too big. Steel's far from dead, just look at the recent hand-made bicycle shows. But no matter what you ride -- riding it in Italy is "heaven on earth!"