Sunday, March 14, 2010

Italian television

Yes, we caved in and bought a TV. Excuse one was to watch the winter Olympic Games in Vancouver which weren't much televised on free TV here in Italy, especially if you didn't want to stay up all night to cover the 9 hour time difference -- which we did only for the opening ceremonies. But at least the bike races come on at a decent time! That is, if they show 'em. Compared to bike racing coverage in the US (not counting TdF which we've not seen in years since we're over here in July) we're in heaven though to see Paris-Nice here you need to get either Eurosport or RAI Sport+ , neither of which are free, over-the-air channels. But this little Made in Turkey (of all places!) $200 unit gets BBC via a digital signal as well as all the Italian TV stations. Of course, other than F1 and news, Italian TV is either US shows dubbed into Italian or copies of US shows. For men who like to admire scantily-clad women, Italian TV is superior to the US in many ways but as for real content it's pretty grim. I guess it's like if Rupert Murdoch owned or controlled most of the TV channels in the US as Silvio Berlusconi does here. But we didn't move here to watch TV, it's a beautful day today, we're going out for a ride! We'll be in Sardegna next week courtesy of the Italian tourist folks, then right away off to see Milano-San who knows when the next blog post will be?

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