Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forgotten Treasure

Larry was organizing our "under-the-stairs" wine cellar in anticipation of new fall arrivals and discovered this Amarone in a corner. It had been down there awhile as you can see by the 2001 vintage. We don't even remember where we purchased it but luckily these wines have great aging potential. When Heather decided this past weekend to make her now-famous Dolomite "goulash" this was the closest we could get wine-wise. Out came the trusty decanter as these wines need air! It was a great match for our Sunday dinner menu - we began with prosciutto e melone followed by homemade cheese ravioli dressed with butter and sage, and finished with the second plate of spicy goulash and polenta. Now we wish we'd put a few more bottles of this wine away!

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