Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interbike 2010 Wrap-up

This cardboard cutout was seen at the bike show but nobody seemed interested in putting their face in the cutout for a photo...perhaps they knew something was up with the "winner" of 2010's big race in France? With "Il Pistolero" in hot water over banned drugs, as well as plastic molecules thought to indicate blood transfusions having been found in his peepee, who knows who will be declared the champion for 2010? Could it end up being the brother of the guy who sent euro 7000 off to the "Operacion Puerto" operators for "training advice"?
Pro cycling's taking a big hit with this latest fiasco but it doesn't stop us from enjoying riding our own bikes in Italy every year. Current news reports are trying to scare folks away from European travel due to vague security threats, but our 2011 dates are set, lodgings confirmed and we'll be there no matter what...reserve your place sooner rather than later as each of our 2011 guided tours is limited to just ten guests....don't miss out!

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