Friday, October 1, 2010

Interbike Expo Part 3

Our friends at Campagnolo always have beautiful young women staffing their booth, who are always happy to have their photo taken with old, bald, fat guys! 2010 was no exception as you can see here. As to the bike parts, no huge changes from Vicenza for next year. They've decided instead to improve all of the products with small changes in spec and manufacturing techniques. One nice note was the triple setup has not been totally abandoned -- if you're willing to use 10 rather than 11 speeds, that is.

We've always liked their stuff and I joked with Tom Kattus of Campagnolo North America a few years ago that CycleItalia might be the worst "sponsorship" value in the world since a) we like the stuff b) we've paid for it for many years, including the extra money it cost to equip our rental fleet and c) even if they told us they would no longer help us as an "official supplier" we'd never switch to another component company!

Being nice folks who share our passion for all things Italian, they continue to help us and we try to help them promote their wonderful products to you.

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