Thursday, February 24, 2011


Larry was looking for something on the bookshelves in the CycleItalia office and came across a pair of blank hub forgings we received as a gift during a visit to Campagnolo srl in Vicenza many years ago. Charlie Hancock was the marketing guy back then and he kindly also gave us a rare copy of Gianni Brera's "The Giant and the File" a biography of Tullio Campagnolo and his famous company. Also in the photo is our copy of the Campagnolo book issued to commemorate their 75th Anniversary and our last remaining supply of their famous Olio 08-TH which sadly is no longer available. We use this like a REAL Italian balsamic vinegar, the kind that's aged for decades -- VERY SPARINGLY! It's all posed on a pair of CycleItalia coveralls, sort-of copies of the ones sported by Italian team directors back-in-the-day.
(FTC Disclaimer: Campagnolo is an official supplier to CycleItalia)

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  1. So next time I'm in Iowa I NEED to read that book. There are currently 2 on eBay right now... $750 -1200. I think it's out of my budget currently!