Thursday, June 23, 2011

And now, for something completely different...

Here's a photo of a real Italian pizza. We took a night off from classic piemontese cooking to treat our guets to what for many, was their first taste of a genuine Italian pizza. On a scale of authenticity, 10 being pizza made within 50 miles of its creation in Napoli and 0 being the frozen, cardboard pies sold in the USA or the awful, "pizza-like substance" sold by pizza chains advertising on TV (stuffed crust, a whole pound of cheese!, meat lovers, etc.) these are around a 7 on the scale, but close to a 10 if you've never been down to Napoli. We headed off to a gelato shop afterwards for another "first" for many, true Italian gelato. We'll dine at the hotel's Ristorante della Villa tonight for our farewell celebration.

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