Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review: Dual Eyewear

Some of us need a bit of help these days - lower gears come to mind first, but help with reading our RideGuides is right up there. We create them using 10 point type (and actually experimented with 12, but they become unwieldy at that size) so magnification is the answer. We've happily sent folks to our friends at Rudy Project for years, even hooking 'em up with their "Bro deal" when they reserve a place with us. Their RX program is second to none, but a lot of us are not at the prescription eyeglass stage (yet) but need some help with those RideGuides or perhaps the small print on a wine label. 
DUAL EYEWEAR could be your solution. We tried their G5 model (as shown here) with a 1.5 magnifying section strategically placed for reading. With excellent lens quality and a well-fitting frame, nobody but you will know these are anything but sleek, effective sports glasses. Best of all, they're inexpensive, so if you lose or sit on 'em by accident you're not out a pile of money. 

UPDATE-After seeing this post the folks at DUAL contacted us about becoming an official supplier. We're happy to have them join us AND extend a special discount to our clients when they reserve a place on a CycleItalia guided tour. Details will be sent with your confirmation materials.
(Disclaimer: none - we ordered and paid for these just to try 'em out)

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