Monday, October 15, 2012

Ravioli Time!

Twice each year (if we're in the USA) we invite some friends over to spend an afternoon making ravioli together. There's something special about making (and eating of course!) food together with friends. Gathered around the table with a glass (or three) of vino Larry, or now Nick (aka Il Ducatista in the red Ducati shirt natch!) mix up and roll out the pasta using a trusty Imperia or Atlas (we have both, just in case of mechanical failure) while Brent (in blue) Sara (white apron) and Lillian (in red) create the pillows of pasta filled with their own creations. This year we made classic cheese/parsley, pumpkin, sausage, chicken and mushroom versions, over 600 of 'em! Once the work is done and they're safely tucked away in the freezer (yes, we know, but we can't eat all 600 of 'em at once!) we repair to the living room to enjoy more vino (Larry found a Cremes by Gaja in the cellar!) along with samples of the just-made pasta, olives, cheese, crostini, fruit, etc. to replenish all those calories we burned up making the ravioli. We finished with gelato affogato al caffe for desert and each worker went home with their share of the spoils to enjoy. Buon appetito!

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