Saturday, November 3, 2012

Say it ain't so...MR. BIB!

We've championed the use of high quality tubes for many years, especially those from Michelin. Until recently they were made-in-France but as you can see here, that's no longer the case. Even Michelin seems none-too-proud of this fact, saying nothing about where the current ones are made on the packaging. Larry had to put on his reading glasses and carefully inspect one to finally discover the truth. Seems a bit like they're trying to hide it, eh? So far, despite the change we've had no issues with these tubes of the type described in the previous blog post nor problems with valve stems tearing out. But it's still a bit sad to see these iconic tubes no longer produced in France - after all, NOBODY buys these because they are inexpensive. If that was the case there are plenty of no-name, no-reputation products available at your dealer for far less. For now we'll hope somehow Michelin's quality-control efforts prevent the quality of these from descending to the level of bargain-basement inner tubes. Inner tubes are a bit like condoms - they are good products ONLY if they keep their contents from escaping!

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