Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product review: Balsamic Vinegar Cream

Is this stuff already the "next big thing"? For years top chefs in Italy have been mixing balsamic vinegar with honey or other ingredients to make a thick cream to drizzle on fruits or vegetables or simply to decorate their plates with creative designs before they're brought to the table. Now it's been industrialized so you can enjoy it every day. We first discovered it from the crazy guy in the photo, Gaetano who runs the cheese shop in Ortigia, where we spent the winter last year. He was drizzling it onto the elaborate sandwiches he loved to make while the customers watched. More often than not, he'd then cut them into pieces and give them away! Some days I could skip lunch from all the samples this guy doled out. After he showed me what it was we found a bottle of this stuff later in a small market and brought it home. It's great to drizzle on fresh green beans, asparagus, or anywhere you want the great taste of balsamic vinegar (yes, we know none of this is TRUE balsamic vinegar, but that's a story for another blog post) but don't want a drippy mess. Even Trader Joe's has it these days, but we got our resupply from these folks via Amazon.

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