Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday in paradise

Sunday. No work, just fun. Which usually means a bike ride, right? Heather wanted to do three hours so we set off towards the hill town of Sortino, figuring we'd turn around just before two hours since it's mostly downhill back to Siracusa. We got all the way to the base of the final climb, but only after a stop to "borrow" some rosemary for chickpea and rosemary soup later in the day. "$2.99 for a tiny plastic box from the fresh spice section of your supermarket? " NOT grows wild most everywhere including where you see Heather helping herself to a few sprigs in the top photo. Later we spied this gnarled olive tree and couldn't resist a photo in front of it. We were back home in time to relax while Heather cooked up the zuppa di ceci e rosmarino for later (we almost never eat soup the same day it's made), plus her own recipe - risotto alla siracusana (with fresh orange) for our first plate, followed by pollo alla Marsala and cooked aiti (a wild green sort of like chicory) for our second. We enjoyed a Nero d'Avola from our friends at Tami as an excellent complement to cap off our Sunday.

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