Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interbike 2013 Finale

 100% Made in Italy was seen more times that Larry can remember at the bike show since so much Italian production moved to Asia years ago. This sticker above was on a bike in the Cipollini stand, but more and more it seems as labor costs rise in China along with theft of intellectual property issues, Italians are "bringing it back home". BRAVI!
 Our friend Edoardo Vercelli's a big proponent of Made-in-Italy as ALL of the Vittoria shoes are made in their small factory in Vigliano Biellese.
 Nelson "The Cheetah" Vails was there, telling Larry his film project is progressing nicely.
It was great to see Greg LeMond, the only American winner of LeTour, back in the biz with bicycles. He's starting with some commemorative models for now, but aims to have his own unique designs on the market soon.

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