Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Cycling Sage

 What a pleasant surprise! Cycling in the South Bay (Los Angeles) with friend Tom P. (thanks for the photos Tom!) on a sunny Monday, we pass by Bill Ron's Bicycles and see the doors are OPEN! 

Bill is the guy (along with Ted Ernst) who taught Larry pretty much everything he knows about riding a bicycle back-in-the-day, once he stopped racing motorcycles and running marathons. How to sit properly on a bike, ride a straight line, "sit on a wheel" and all that useful, but not-so-easy-to-learn stuff came from Bill. Sadly, there are too few guys like him these days - with the patience, interest and authority to teach new riders these valuable skills. Too many seem to think they somehow already know how to ride a bike, but when you see them wasting energy with poor drafting techniques, bad cadence or gear selection, you know they're mistaken. 

Why do so many pay money for training plans and coaches, but don't bother learning how to properly use and direct all that fitness and energy?

 Bill's shop is as much museum as bike shop. Rather than every bit of visible space crammed with merchandise for sale, Bill respects cycling's heritage and passion by displaying these vintage track bicycles. Luckily Tom had his cell phone camera handy so we could snap these photos and share them with you.

 If you live anywhere near Bill's shop, make a plan to stop by and meet a true cycling sage and ace mechanic as well as a wonderful human being - you won't regret it!

Thanks again Bill!

Buon lavoro!

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  1. Sunny & warm for, a 34 mile, winter bike ride with Uncle Larry and Kenji, topped off with a stop at Bill Ron's bike shop.

    Happy New Year!!!