Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunny and 3 degrees (count 'em) F

We're not lucky enough to be in Sicily this winter. Instead we're on the frozen plains of Iowa where it's +3 degrees F (that's -16 C) though the sun is out. The wind is blowing too, making the wind-chill factor something that makes anyone with a lick of sense forget about doing much outside except running from your house to the car and vice-versa.

So this is the view from a bicycle these days, the winter bike set up on a trainer in front of an old TV hooked up to a DVD player. Today Larry sweated away down in the shop while watching old Italian TV coverage of the Coppa Sabatini from 2007. At least with the Italian commentary he can feel a bit like he was in Italia. A hot bowl of pasta e fagioli zuppa afterwards along with a glass of Salice Salentino by Epicuro refinforced the feeling, but we're still counting the days until May, when we can head back to Italia.

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