Saturday, March 1, 2014

Something you didn't know you needed

 SciCon's Pocket Bike Bag is one of those things you don't know you need, until you DO.

It's NOT an airline travel case. What is IS, is the perfect thing if you need to put a couple of bikes inside your car. Pop the wheels off and lay the bike onto the bag, zip it up and you're done!  We suggest you put the chain on the big ring to prevent the teeth cutting through the bag and your car's seats

Once it's zipped up, you can stow the bikes inside your car with no fear of scratches or getting grease on the interior of your car or whatever else you cram in with the bikes. We just toss the wheels in anywhere there's space, but you can use wheelbags if you want to be extra clean.

It's easy to pull the bike out once you're ready-to-ride. Just pop the wheels back on and zip the bag into it's own bag and you end up with a little pillow as shown above. Once you use one of these you'll ask yourself how you ever got along without it. 

We're on a little spring-break trip ourselves and piling the stuff in the rent-a-car is much, much easier when our bikes are packed in these. Bikes packed this way are less noticeable in the car as well, making you feel better when the car's parked with bikes inside.

Disclaimer: SciCon is an official supplier to CycleItalia

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