Monday, April 21, 2014

A high-tech newspaper?

No, we're not talking about reading the New York Times on an e-reader. Instead, think of the scenes shot on mountain stages of the Grand Tours. The ones where a sweaty rider is handed a sheet of newspaper by a fan at the roadside as he nears the top of the pass, then stuffs it under his jersey to avoid a big chill on the descent.

Has this ever happened to you? You're on a long climb on a warm day - a day so warm you're unlikely to have stuffed anything in your back pocket for this purpose, especially if it's something that would absorb all the sweat pouring out of you on your way up.

When you reach the top,you wish there was a guy up there handing out newspapers! Or that your follow-car would drive up and hand you a jacket or dry jersey, but how often does THAT happen?

THIS is the answer! As you can see it takes up almost zero space in your pocket and the material can not absorb any sweat, so it gets no heavier as you climb and won't chill you when you finally do put it on. So light and small, you don't really need to stash it in the follow-car, so it can always be with you. 

We wouldn't consider this a substitute for a more substantial windstopper-type vest on a less-than-warm day, but on the days a newspaper would suffice to keep off a windchill, don't leave home for a big climb without one of these!

Disclaimer: Our friends at Albabici, USA importer/distributors of Nalini/MOA Sport provided this sample.

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