Thursday, September 18, 2014

Room - with a view

Photo: View from our window into garden (not ours)

Photo: View from same window looking onto the street

Heather has won a Rome Prize for 2014/2015. This prestigious fellowship includes room and board at the American Academy here in the Eternal City. And she's letting Larry join her!!!

She's been here for a week already while Larry just arrived. We spent a month here back in 2005 and enjoyed it immensely, so of course we were thrilled when she was awarded the prize, which lets us again live in Rome, but this time for much longer than a month.

Larry will be studying Italian while Heather will be doing a variety of different things during our time here.

Meanwhile, reservations are coming in for CycleItalia 2015, so don't wait too long before making yours.

More soon from ITALIA...

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