Friday, November 28, 2014

A Friday Afternoon in Rome

No rain in the forecast but the trail along the Tiber is a mess from the recent heavy rainstorms drowning Italy. So Larry decided to ride over to the Villa Borghese (more details on that next time) and squeeze in a visit to the famous LAZZARETTI The World of Cycling shop.

They were very proud of their newly opened shop just a few doors down. The workshop should be pictured in a Park Tool catalog, though the workstand is from our friends at Bicisupport.The next workshop Larry sets up might get the nice work surface and drawer treatment like this one. Well, he can dream anyway!

Turns out the founder of the Gran Fondo Roma Campagnolo stopped by while Larry was there to pick up a bike for a press conference announcing the 2015 details.  And who did he run into while cycling around the Villa Borghese a few moments before? Celeste Milani!
Milani was riding around the park too, and soon enough we were chatting like old friends. He spends some time down here during the winter so we'll likely meet up to ride or to enjoy a pizza.

It's truly a small world!

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