Sunday, May 24, 2015

CAPS! Not hats! (the rest of the story)

We've been fans of cycling caps since...well...a long time. Back-in-the-day we had a very extensive collection of caps from famous (and not-so-famous) teams. When we began CycleItalia one of the first things we did was include a classic cap in the cycling clothing order we placed. Few things we've found in Italy make friends as quickly as the gift of a cycling cap!

We've kept a supply of caps over the years, beginning with a classic one including a green-white-red ribbon and our current model which (sadly) ended up with the tricolore screened on rather than being a sewn-on ribbon. Those are available in Italy along with the rest of our signature cycling kit. (various types of jerseys, plus bib-shorts, socks, gloves, wind vests and jackets, etc.)

In addition you can click HERE to purchase online our retro-wool jersey or sweater.

Now, you can also score a really nice cap to go with it! We wanted a high-quality, vintage-look cap with the retro tricolore ribbon, just like our original, so we asked the nice folks at reddotscycling to make us some, and to make them available directly to you.

Note: these are far from promotional giveaways or inexpensive throwaways, but instead a cap you'll treasure for a long, long time. 

Click HERE to order your cap.

CAPS! Not hats.

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