Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vineyards to the Sea 2015 Part 2

Ciao from Liguria! We've made it from the vineyards to the sea, just as we promised. Above you see Cindy posing among some vines.

And here we are posing with tanks used for the production of wines using those grapes, at Marenco.

Here we pose for a farewell photo before continuting on our way to the Appennines and eventually to the sea.

Where today we found our favorite road (still) closed. Not so terrible in the end as the out-and-back ride is still gorgeous and we get back to Bonassola to enjoy lunch on the sea. We're hoping this major construction project, with formidable, locked gates means they will finally get the road to the Cinque Terre repaired...maybe by 2016?

Thanks to Steve, Cindy, Don, Jack and Richard for joining us!

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