Thursday, August 6, 2015


Gorgeous, no? See more here.

But then again....Larry sort of already has one.

Meanwhile we're working on 2016's tours.


  1. I like it. There's been some negativity on some forums but it's hard for me to see the downside of a big company making another steel bike.

  2. What is the negativity on some forums? I guess one could argue that this makes it too easy to participate in l'Eroica without paying your "dues" by restoring a real, pre-87 machine, but getting folks out to discover "ciclismo come una volta" rather than worrying about their Strava KOM's or how much their bike might weigh is a good thing, no? Bravo Bianchi!

  3. That's pretty much it..."it's not a real vintage bike". But the rules have always allowed a more modern frame and parts (to some degree). I don't really get the negativity either...some people don't want the hassle of dealing with an older bike and if that's they way they feel I see no problem with it. My hat is off to Bianchi for making it.

    Shows Heather's "epoca" bike that's far from old but meets the spirit of the rules. So far nobody has complained, but if they get tougher about "epoca" saddles we might have to switch to something like a Sella Anatomica?