Monday, October 19, 2015

Pasta Party 2015

Pasta Party? You probably thought we'd be stuffing our faces with pasta after a Gran Fondo, right? Wrong. Saturday was another edition of a spring or fall tradition - the gathering of friends around the table to create delicious, all homemade RAVIOLI. Above you can see Zio Lorenzo cranking out the fresh-egg pasta while (clockwise from Larry: Sara, Lillian and Nick work their magic creating these tasty pillows of dough filled with things like a classic ricotta & spinaci, funghi, zucca, chicken, a mixture of cheese and bits of salami(?) which was suprisingly good, and finally a filling made from beef braised in wine.

Some eating was done as any of the ravioli with defects are instantly cooked and consumed as a form of quality-control and a reward for everyone's efforts. Once they're all sorted, bagged and consigned to the freezer and the mess is more-or-less cleaned up, more snacks emerge to go with some nice bottles of vino.

The final tradition is the sorting of the spoils - since each couple brings some fillings while Harry & Leather provide the pasta -  the 6-700 delicious pillows are divided up equally so they can be taken home to be some cases right away!!!

Grazie mille to Lillan, Brent, Nick and Sara for joining us!!!

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