Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sicily 2016

We're living in Sicily (Siracusa-Ortigia) for the winter. Heather's running a study-abroad program here and Larry's...well...doing what he usually does, but it's much more fun here!

Of course we have to deal with living this close to a malevolent volcano (Etna, above) that periodically spews ash and smoke into the air, but most people don't seem to mind and neither do we.

 Above you see some fat guy posing with the famous volcano in the background. He's hoping he can lose some of those kilos before it's time to start going uphill....maybe as soon as the spring classic Liege-Bastogne-Liege?

Above: The run-in back to Ortigia. From the seafront it's pretty much steady uphill, making the return run for home the reverse - great when you've overdone it...which we've not come anywhere close to at this point!!!

 We suffer with views like this from our apartment.

This is the view out our living room window

And here's one from the balcony. Apologies if you're buried in snow in the USA at present, but someone's gotta live here!!!

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