Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spring Classics special offer

Wait a minute...CycleItalia and the Spring Classics? What the...? Here's the background:

First, watch this little video clip 

Larry's long-time life goal has been to see all 5 of the "Monuments of Cycling" live, in-person. He's seen 4 of them already, the 4th (Tour of Flanders) courtesy of our friends at Velo Classic Tours. a few years ago.

L-B-L, the oldest of them all was saved for last but Larry got sick last year and instead of getting on a plane to Brussels, instead went to the hospital!

So 2016 is the plan, but our friends need a couple more guests to make the trip viable. Larry's ready-to-go (Heather has academic obligations) but needs your help. Of course we'd hope you come to Italy in the summer with us, but the Spring Classics the spring.

If you've always wanted to see one, why not start with the oldest, L-B-L and join Peter and Larry? At CycleItalia, we rarely endorse the work of competitors, but in this case, just the fact that Larry joined them for Flanders and is planning to come back for La Doyenne should tell you something.

Reserve your place on this tour and tell them you want to join Larry to see the oldest of the Classics and Peter will loan you a bike to ride in the citizen event at no charge! Larry will be out there riding too, so don't worry about all those fast-looking guys in the video clip. Make your plans now and then follow up with plans to join us in Italy in the summer.

See you in Belgium!

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