Thursday, July 28, 2016


Trophies. Both of us have won our share of cups and trophies during our competitive years, Heather's with horses and bicycles and Larry with motorcycles.

When Larry passed through US customs the other day on his way back to the USA, he told the agent he had a few "trophy wines" in his luggage. The guy probably thought I meant famous-label Barolos or Super-Tuscans.

What I meant was wines like in the above photo: wines that are true trophies.
L-R we have the excellent Sangiovese awarded to those who completed EROICA Primavera in May. Next was what I'm guessing is a Barbera from La Mitica. Then there's what I'm guessing is another Barbera (probably should ask Marco Gios) from the Gios Raduno, celebrating the 100th birthday of founder Tolmino Gios.

Finally there's a sparkler made by Francesco Moser and labeled 51.151 in honor of his world hour record set back in 1984. This was a gift from our dear friend Piero Coppi. The pink rubber bracelet on the bottle was a promo gift from the ASTORIA folks, suppliers of the bubbly sprayed on the podium of the Giro d'Italia. Sadly, I couldn't find for-sale anywhere the commemorative special bottle they created for this year's Giro.

Drink or save? Truly a dilemma!

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