Monday, October 3, 2016

Nothing like new shoes!!!

As noted in the previous blog post about Interbike 2016, Larry visited friends at Vittoria Shoes, a family we've known for a long, long time. Larry's worn their shoes for even a longer time after spending time in a northern Italian bike shop in the 1990's despite being supplied with shoes at no charge back when we worked for those "other people." He tried on every brand of shoe in the shop's extensive shoe department with Vittoria the hands-down winner for fit. A pair of MTB and a pair of road shoes were happily purchased back in the day when Italian shoes faced hefty tariffs in the USA! While the road shoes are long gone, the MTB pair is still in good shape and still gets worn!

Despite this Larry needed a new pair of cycling shoes. He sort of hates to admit it but his favorite pair is a blue/white MSG model they offered back when our friends at Torelli were the importer/distributors. These are synthetic leather, 3 velcro-strap, nylon sole shoes Larry wanted more because they had tricolore stripes and ITALIA on them than anything else! These were never imported into the USA. Now they're in Santa Barbara in the box with the bikes we keep there and every time Larry puts them on, he's reminded how comfortable they are, despite their low cost and low tech.

So Vittoria's new ELITE "indoor" shoe caught his eye. We both wear MTB shoes and use SPD road pedals for the ease of walking with no fear of slipping on marble floors or stairways so these looked perfect, with a similar sole and rubber tread as the 1976 shoes we use while riding our epoca bikes. Larry doesn't even bother with a cleat on those, but SPD cleats will bolt right on. They're designed for indoor "spinning" classes and such, but Larry's experience with the MSG makes him think these will be great outside too.

There's certainly nothing wrong with the Vittoria higher-end shoes, especially if you like high-tech closures and stiff, carbon-fiber soles, but any way you go, Vittoria shoes offer a fit that Larry, really, really likes. You might as well.

Grazie Edoardo!

Disclaimer: These shoes were provided at no cost (well at least no invoice has shown up yet!) by Vittoria Shoes USA.

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