Sunday, November 13, 2016

World's Best Winter Cycling Sock

Larry was on the verge of outrage recently when he discovered our favorite merino-wool winter cycling (and general-purpose) socks were no longer available!

No, the DeFeet WoolieBoolie sock has not been discontinued, but they no longer offer them in the natural color. We're old-school so black socks just don't cut it for cycling, though of course they're just fine for general wearing around. Socks don't last forever so it was an unpleasant surprise to find these no longer available - at any price.

Rather than get completely outraged, Larry contacted DeFeet, who'd made a great version of their Wooleator, a much thinner merino-wool cycling sock for us recently, to see if they could produce a WoolieBoolie with the same "retro" style logo we'd used for the Wooleators?

As you can see in the images above, they could and they DID!

Their black/charcoal versions are still in production and can be found all over, but these natural versions with the CycleItalia logo are unique to us. But you can enjoy them too!

S-M-L sizes are available and $16 US will get you a pair, including shipping to the 48 US states. These have 4" cuffs, the shortest they make these days vs our Wooleator's 3" cuff, perfect for cold weather. The CycleItalia logo is also smaller on this WoolieBoolie, with the logo on each side rather than one larger logo wrapping around the cuff.

Send an email to with Socks in the title and we'll reply with a Paypal link. Make sure you let us know the size and quantity you'd like. A pair of these could be the perfect holiday stockings for the cold-weather cyclists on your list. Why not stuff 'em with Italian cioccolatini and hang 'em on your mantlepiece?

Ho, ho, ho (as they say)

*We'll have some of these in Italy, so those joining us in the summer can get 'em there if they prefer.

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