Thursday, January 19, 2017

FAVALORO - artisan carbon part 3

Our new bike has arrived! Well, it's at Albabici's warehouse and should be going together soon as they plan to use it an upcoming "Press Camp" promotion.

 Above: Head tube details

We asked for a slightly (1.5 cm) taller head tube than our aluminum/carbon bikes in this same (small) size, otherwise the geometry is the same, tried-and-true design perfected by "Chairman Bill" McGann and Antonio Mondonico many years ago. All of our bikes are named (rather than simply numbered) after an Italian winner of the Giro d'Italia. This one remembers Gaetano Belloni who not only won Il Giro in 1920, but also won Milano Sanremo the same year (and in 1917) plus the Giro di Lombardia in 1915, 1918 and 1928. Yes, wins 13 years apart at the Race of the Falling Leaves!

 Above: Our frame arrives at Albabici

With our current bikes' classic Italian roadracing geometry we've had difficulty getting the handlebars up high enough for some of you. The extra height on the headtube + our usual 3 cm of spacers under the stem combined with an adjustable stem should let you get in the same position you enjoy on your bike at home.

 Above: Note external cable guides, threaded (no creaks!) BB 
shell and non-integrated seatpost. All user (and mechanic!) friendly
 stuff designed to make your ride trouble free.

Larry asked for a pretty conventional design with external cabling, threaded BB shell, alloy steerer tube and a standard-type seatpost with alloy collar. All of this makes for a user (and mechanic!) friendly package that's easy to keep in tip-top shape and to adjust to fit you perfectly.

Above: Gotta have our logo, right?

We expect this bike to ride and handle very much like the current bikes in our rental fleet since the design/geometry is identical. We'll see it in-person in March, just before it's packed up and shipped off to the Handbuilt Bicycle Show. Once it's built up with Campagnolo's Potenza 11 groupset we hope to have some more photos to share.


  1. Ciao Larry. What size is the frame? In other words, will I be able to give it a spin?

    Steve F.

  2. Yes, it's designed to match our current "Baldini" / "Binda" bikes, so roughly a 50 cm. You (or us) won't likely need the taller head tube but we can easily swap the spacers and stem around to duplicate your current position. If things go to plan we'll have other sizes too, again matching our current aluminum/carbon bikes so XS, M and L to go along with this S size.