Saturday, April 15, 2017

EROICA CALIFORNIA 2017 - the rest of the story


As a finale, photos and thoughts about our first out-of-Italy bici d'epoca experience.

Our bikes await the arrival of their sleepy riders. And it was COLD! We stayed at the Farmhouse Motel in Paso Robles. The owners were nice enough to let us come back post-ride (and post check-out) for a shower! That's hospitality!

Our first ristoro was provided by CASS WINERY, pouring some samples of their wine into clear cycling bottles for tasting if you wanted some "for the road".

Can you get a ticket for having an "open container" of alcohol while riding a bicycle? We enjoyed (most) of ours here. Larry didn't get any photos of ristoro 2 where they were frying potatoes in extra-virgin olive oil! MMMmmm!

Heather clowns around on Albabici's scooter. Motor-pacing anyone?

This fellow was walking by so we roped him into checking out our Huffy/LandShark tribute to his 1988 Giro d'Italia victory. Andy Hampsten was nice enough to pose with it for us.

Larry had no trouble stopping folks to ask if they'd let him take a photo of their gorgeous bicycle. Most of 'em were happy to pose with them. Grazie!!

Kind of sums up the EROICA feeling, no?

That sticker was on friend-of-the-blog Scott's beautiful LOSA bike.

Beautiful machines were everywhere, especially at the Coucours!

1984 Olympian Rory O'Reilly was there on his old team bike wearing his old team kit.

Great old bikes and great old riders!

This fellow was starting a goal of riding ALL of the EROICA events worldwide.  A nice challenge!

Larry just LOVES anything pantographed, like these brake calipers

Just another pretty bike.

And another...

...and another...

...and another.

Compared to the Italian events we've enjoyed, EROICA CA can't get an A-grade, but they did a great job. Suggestions to the organizers for the future would be period-correct music at the venue, more pasta at the post-ride pasta party and a more relaxed start time for those riding the shorter loops.


  1. There certainly were some gorgeous bikes there. It was a pleasure meeting both of you.

    1. Here's something you might be interested in?

    2. That is cool...just the kind of esoteric bike I like. Unfortunately it's too small for me.

  2. That's Larry Black with the red Ron Cooper and the Confente is owned by Mike Kone of Boulder Bikes.